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A tiny snatch of the portfolio


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Come On, Get On Down

Guitar demo

By Michael Falzon and his friend Alex (2006)







 Main and Commodore 64-related Youtube profiles.

Home studio pictures:


Photo, Photo, Photo, Photo, Photo.


..Plus thumbnailed set and other stockpile collection.






English Country Garden for Commodore 64 and Sound Expander,

1812 Overture for Commodore 64 and Sound Expander,

Pomp And Circumstance for the Commodore 64 and Sound Expander,

Putting On The Ritz for  Commodore 64, Sound Expander and Amiga.

(No auxiliary effects on mixdown)




Concept Single 12 music early demo, also test run of bad Commodore music software plus C64 mock-up of a possible Quincy game theme.



The Commodore 64, as with other instruments, is only best suited for use with certain arrangements and genres of music. Yet it has its definite place amongst the classic programmable synthesisers, not to mention in musical history.




My Commodore 64 samples collection plus SFX Sound Expander samples and index, miscellaneous others.



Basic accessories roundup, Introductory Audio Cassette, magazine MIDI article and Commodore-scanned advanced peripherals letter.


Datassette head re-alignment.


Commodore 64 tape and disk data transfer/networking, more transfer options, data storage tools (and graphics conversion), cable information and format conversion, plus PC serial interface and data transfer introductory video.

Disk image editor, an alternative plus free Hex editors.

VICE Commodore 64 emulator*, plus Action Replay utility cartridge dump, instructions and description.


My own program archive.

Commodore Format no.44 Mayhem Megamix tape image dump and case shot.


Commodore 64 1982 Christmas demo.

My published magazine letters.

Excellent musical loaders 1, 2. (Commodore Format issue 50, two games per side.

“Michael – I’m here to help.”

Excellent sample-based soundtrack demo, plus Turbo Outrun’s samples and synth’ mixture and T. O.’s samples player.

STEREO vs MONO, SID vs MIDI and Remixer topics. 

 Music Maker promotional record and 8-Bit power demo video.


A further Binary Zone selection of digitised tracks 1, 2, ‘House’ samples, other pop charts samplings 1, 2, sampled ‘beats’ and speech, more samples with photos, Dark Side Of The Moon demo, plus samples with animation with further samples.

Stereo playback of Q10 Tankbuster theme.

  Commodore 64 Tubular Bells arrangement, plus shorter clip and software.


Sampled rock music and ‘Classical’ music on the Commodore 64, plus game.


1988’s Computer Chronicles Special, 8-Bit Weapon’s music, C64 on Synthtopia and Commodore music accessory reviews.

Plus Computer Chronicles programme archive

Latest Commodore 64 software from Cronosoft and  Binary Zone.


Commodulator/Cynthcart and installation pic,  SFX plug-ins and ‘virtual’ SID MIDI synths for PC/MAC.

(Original Commodore hardware used with the programs here are more flexible than the mostly effects-only emulations.)

BBC Mastermind and Match Maker.

Commodore 64c/GEOS promotional video, GEOS operating system disks and GEOMIDI sequencer, plus additional GEOS links and Steinberg Pro 16 [DATEL cartridge].

BASIC compiler.

Commodore 64 Introduction To BASIC sound effects program.


INSTANT MUSIC and Advanced Music Studio pages.


Micro Rhythm, Go Micro, Music 64.  


 Lemon64’s software, No Games 64, further favourite software links and other large archive.


1980s’ Professional music computing, including Synclavier and Commodore 64; plus Mellotron and Fairlight music.


Your Commodore’s MIDI article, Compute Gazette 35 and vast C64 magazine archive.

Rock Star Ate My Hamster.




Mind Prober Jr. and The Real You (plus Real You score table).


‘Emulated’ PC and Amiga boots on the Commodore 64 (Also Amiga BIOS graphic recreation and bouncing ball).

COLORTONE keyboard, original product review and floppy disk.


Sidplay and Sidplay 2, Windows-based Commodore 64 music player, plus SID plug-in for Winamp and SID2MIDI software.


Hard Sid music archive (also see Gamebase for SIDs).


C64 advert 1, 2, 3, plus Commodore music blog.

Pioneer DVR-A03

COMMODORE 64 DAW forum link and manual site.

CD Recording

C64 innards, 1541 disk drive adapter and other peripherals, software search engine and reminiscences.

Action Replay

Polish Commodore site (plus translation), Planet Emulation site  and other huge software archive.



C64 Music (January 2008).



c64.com article and Wiki’ masters


C64 Wiki insert


 Studiomaster II mixer automation: 1,2,3.

My posts on Commodore Remix.


Ebay-bought, dirty, sun-browned Commodore 64 resprayed and keyboard-changed.






DIY scanner and results,

Handyscan 64, its software and actual resolution scans here.



 (plus Blazing Paddles and Windows bitmaps)






COLOUR photo graphics from digital camera to C64










Commodore PET emulator for C64 and readymade D64 disk, other Commodore utilities and PET software archives.


PET index.








AMIGA data transfer, emulators, Kickstart disks and customised Workbench 1.2;

recommended all-in-one MIDI compatible emulator and transfer package.


Relokick utility to allow much A500 software to run properly on other models, plus Amiga 1200 hard disk installer.


Amiga Music Mouse software, TGM article on Amiga music software (p.103-) and Amiga Format article on Music X.


Massive Amiga utility disk downloads here, plus impressive demo archive.


His Master’s Voice game, Classic games disk, impressive music/graphics demos, Floor 13 game 1, 2.


Robocop samples-n-synth music demo (contains swearing and ‘tasteful’ drawn nudity), BBS reminiscence.







‘Lady Ga-Ga’ playing her Yamaha P80.

Commodore 64 Ethernet Broadband.


BBC Micro Live video archive, Stanley Baxter BBC Micro advert and Dr. Who theme tune.

Somebody’s gramophone

ZX SPECTRUM FAVOURITES: Extremely fast cassette-bus loading via PC, Matthew Smith, Tubular Bells,

 ‘XP’ on the Spectrum.

Prosound L64AA and stylus setup,  tonearm weight, height and anti-skate.


NINTENDO favourites: Gameboy / NES VSTi, Drumming to the NES, famous tunes arranged for the SNES (possibly emulated). 


SEGA: Sonic The Hedgehog rock covers.

Acker Bilk edit splice.

Game consoles as musical instruments plus random cheat code effects.

EMI Studios, Abbey Road clip.

ATARI favourites: 1978 commercial, Pole Position, Mario Bros., other commercial, Operating System plus games and emulators and samples.



RECORDING THE BEATLES and related links.


Recording classic albums.

 Music Mirror MIDI inverter.

Recording Last Of The Summer Wine music.

MIDI – notation software selection.



RAINBOW: Obscene private studio tape; Rod, Jane and Freddy recording and performingHeartbeat’.



Find misspelled items on Ebay, plus rival Ebid site.


‘Downloads’ search engine.


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